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Isis Jackson-Check my $wagg

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Danielle McChristian

Release Date June 19, 2011
Total of pages pages
Publisher Danielle McChristian
Language English
Files Isis Jackson-Check my $wagg
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Chicago born Isis Jackson appears to be your average seventeen year old sistah from Englewood. She's hot, outgoing,smart and loves to party with her girls. One thing separates her from the rest. She's a pimp! Yes, this south side hottie and her crew have decided to use what they got, to get what they want. What they want is to get out of the hood for good. Her crew: Candy- the hood's most wanted, Lil Mama- the stacked stallion of the jets and ReRe- the cutie with compassion. These girls have taken the Chi' by storm with their sex for hire business which Isis runs with class and style. This book isn't just about sex for hire. You will get a glimpse into each characters personal life, giving insight into why each girl has chosen to participate in such risky behavior. When deception rocks their friendship, the girls realize that this game isn't as glamorous as they first believed. When isis's mom is charged with murder, it rocks her world and she must start making some real life decisions fast! Can Ice and her crew handle all that comes with it and still maintain their friendship? Sex, drama, passion,murder,action. This book is an emotional roller coaster that will keep you glued to your seat. These characters draw you in and don't let go. You will find yourself talking to the characters as you turn the pages. Isis jackson -Check my $wagg is action packed from beginning to the explosive end!