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Liquid Comfort - A Surf Story

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Cheryl Petro

Release Date August 4, 2013
Total of pages 421 pages
Language English
Files Liquid Comfort - A Surf Story
Format Pdf
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Sometimes the ocean hands you an unexpected wave.

Travis Kelly wants nothing more than to win the world surfing championship and show up his rival, Kane, but when a horrible accident leaves him disabled, he finds himself floating in a world of misery. Surfing was his life. How will he cope? By drowning his sorrows in alcohol, he runs the risk of following in his dead-beat brother’s footsteps—a path of addiction he despises, yet seems drawn toward.

Adrift in a sea of self-destruction, Travis struggles between what makes the pain disappear, and what the surfer really wants—the ocean, the girl, and the union of his family.

With a touch of Hawaiian culture, Liquid Comfort is a stirring tale of surf, addiction, determination and unconditional love. Hang on for a gnarly ride!

“There are many forms of comfort. Some will drown you. Others will keep you afloat.”


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Download Liquid Comfort - A Surf Story free pdf ebook online. Liquid Comfort - A Surf Story is a book by Cheryl Lee Petro on 4-8-2013. Enjoy reading book with 62 readers by starting download or read online Liquid Comfort - A Surf Story.

Full eBook Title : Liquid Comfort - A Surf Story
By : Cheryl Lee Petro
Language : English
Ratings : Very Good
Category : Books
Release Date : 4-8-2013
Group : English Books
Downloaders : 12
Viewers : 62

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