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Moseh's Staff (The Artifact Hunters Book 4)

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A.W. Exley

Release Date July 31, 2015
Total of pages 304 pages
Publisher Ribbonwood Press
Language English
Files Moseh's Staff (The Artifact Hunters Book 4)
Format Pdf
Downloads 7930781
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All things must come to an end…
London is in the frozen grip of an unnatural winter and Queen Victoria wants answers. Cara and Nate know who – the Curator. The queen's artifact hunters just don't know what is responsible. Cara is on the trail of an ancient and powerful artifact capable of freezing a city and stirring demons. First she must confront her past and her father's history. Only in learning why her father became a disciple of the Curator can she hope to learn what the old noble seeks and why he is so fascinated by her.
Then tragedy strikes and the bond forged by Nefertiti's Heart is severed. Nate without Cara succumbs to his darkness and he lashes out at those he holds responsible for her loss. Meanwhile, in the shadows, Inspector Fraser waits for his opportunity to pull down the man known as the villainous viscount.
With London entombed in ice and all hope lost, could this be the end…?

Moseh's Staff (Artifact Hunters #4) Pdf Download

Download Moseh's Staff (Artifact Hunters #4) free pdf ebook online. Moseh's Staff (Artifact Hunters #4) is a book by A.W. Exley on 17-5-2015. Enjoy reading book with 678 readers by starting download or read online Moseh's Staff (Artifact Hunters #4).

Full eBook Title : Moseh's Staff (Artifact Hunters #4)
By : A.W. Exley
Language : English
Ratings : Very Good
Category : Books
Release Date : 17-5-2015
Group : English Books
Downloaders : 63
Viewers : 678

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